CRO/CDMO Services for APIs

Our Strengths in CRO/CDMO Services


Strong R&D Capabilities

  • Design of robust multi-step industrial processes from Lab Scale
  • Telescoping to reduce number of stages and improve Green Chemistry and Engineering
  • Evaluating criticality, critical stages to be converted to flow mode to improve process safety
  • Reduced risk and cost of industrial implementation through integration of R&D and industrial teams

cGMP Evaluated Workspace and Pilot Plant

Regulatory Management on APIs and KSMs

  • Strong QC & QA management
  • Regulatory documents filing
  • Continuous process for improving VTO, Green Chemistry and Engineering points
  • Energy balancing to achieve ultimate engineering excellence

VIRUJ - Your Strategic Partner in CDMO

CRO / CDMO Services – Flow & Conventional Method

Development of Generic APIs (New and Old) – Exclusive or Semi Exclusive with IP Management

  • Tech Advancement for Complex APIs
  • Custom Synthesis

Complex API’s – Tech advancement

Custom Synthesis

Transfer of Technology for Commercial APIs / KSM’s

Business Prospects through our existing list of APIs / Fine Chemicals

From Early Clinical Phase To Right Up To Commercial Manufacturing